When to Choose Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are, in our opinion, always a great choice. That said, there are situations where roman blinds make more sense than others so, with this in mind, we thought we’d share when they really are your best option:

  1. You have a small window

Small windows can easily be swamped and overpowered by curtains or vertical blinds. As roman blinds are much less intrusive and take up less space, they’ll allow you greater control over the level of light entering a room without the need to include a feature that’ll dwarf the window itself.

  1. If the window is above a radiator

If the window is above a radiator, Roman blinds are an excellent choice. Whereas curtains would trap the heat generated by the radiator and prevent it from doing its job, Roman blinds won’t.

One other benefit is that Roman blinds can be made from thicker materials with insulating properties meaning that they’ll help to keep more heat inside the home so they’ll help you to reduce your heating bills.

  1. If you like minimalist design

Even if you were to choose a bold print or striking material, Roman blinds will not dominate the room in which they’re placed.

Roman blinds’ uncomplicated design means they are perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their room is not dominated by one feature. They use minimal fabric and, when folded, give a room a traditional feel both of which contribute to a feature that, whilst striking, is also subtle.

  1. When you crave choice

Blinds are available in a number of colours, prints and materials – and Roman blinds are no different. As a result, if you choose Roman blinds, you can be certain that you’ll be spoilt for choice and are guaranteed to find something that you love and that suits the room perfectly.

  1. If you want something low-maintenance

Perhaps one of the best features of Roman blinds is how easy it is to care for them. Choose a robust material and you’ll only need to clean them occasionally.

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